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A top anthropology finding of year show humans cognitively closer to dogs than chimps


From Sapiens:


This research raises new questions about what brought dogs and humans together in prehistory and how they might influence each other’s development. More than 550 domestic dogs, Canis familiaris, were put through a series of tests based on studies of humans and nonhuman apes. Comparison of the data from all three species revealed patterns of individual differences in cooperative communication between human infants and dogs that were similar—and were not observed in chimpanzees. The researchers conclude that social cognition is better developed in dogs and humans. This raises as many questions as it answers because it is unknown whether the mental processes of dogs and humans work in the same way. More.

“This raises as many questions as it answers because it is unknown whether the mental processes of dogs and humans work in the same way”? Given all the human-chimp similarity rhetoric, surely they somewhat understate the case…

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Yes, Three of them. Two no longer with us (was the hardest thing I have ever done to put them down, and I waited too long on the first). NOW, fast forward and we have a perfect dog, Gus. Half Shepard and half Corgey it seems. I realized I had never raised one from a puppy, both Jack and Boots were Older by the time they were adopted by me. What a joy to finally have a puppy, who is now almost fully mature. EASILY the most social dog. I fell in love with him very quickly, and it really added joy to our lives to get him. SMART, CUTE/Handsome, absolutley loves other dogs, other people (ones he sees we are close to as he is still a good watch dog), extremely playful with herding instincts - he is absolutley the best - he is VERY dependent on people, and sulks when my Wife is out and about. He stares directly at you when you speak and tries to understand, and has developed odd sounds (not a whine or a bark, but complex loud sounds) as if he is trying to verbalize. No surprise to me either as I do NOT believe the ape to man story based on the evidence. I believe apes and man are an example of convergent creations. The chromosomal differences in our Y chromosome alone rule out common ancestry, not to mention the ridiculous "fused" chromosome story they have to make up to fit the narrative. Someday I think we will finally realize that consciousness is primary, and the physical world and time secondary, once we except this, which QM has been screaming at us since its inception, we may start to really understand these unexpected similarities...that a MIND that was self-aware and infinitely intelligent created it all, and the physical world is a construct of this mind. Tom Robbins
Ever had a good -- a REALLY good -- dog? Doesn't surprise me one whit. kairosfocus

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