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A visual meditation on infinite patterns in nature


by Cristóbal Vila

Infinite Patterns from Cristóbal Vila on Vimeo.

And to think that some want us to believe that there is no underlying pattern or meaning and it all just happened…


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Hat tip: Philip Cunningham

The title and the video use the word "infinite." There is no infinite in reality or reality as we know it. There is a finite number of particle or pieces of particles in the universe which means there is no infinite of anything. I had a discussion with a prominent numbers theory mathematician about a year ago and we agreed there are only integers in reality as individual pieces are enumerated. This does not mean the concept of infinity, fractions, rational, irrational or even imaginary numbers are not extremely useful but that they exist only in our imagination and not in reality. No pi or e or square root of 2, just integers in reality, no circles or even straight lines. All are approximations. By the way the video is beautiful and hopefully inspires investigation of mathematics by those who see it. jerry
A little more background on the ‘golden ratio’ line of thought
DNA spiral as a Golden Section Excerpt: The DNA molecule, the program for all life, is based on the golden section. It measures 34 angstroms long by 21 angstroms wide for each full cycle of its double helix spiral. 34 and 21, of course, are numbers in the Fibonacci series and their ratio, 1.6190476 closely approximates phi, 1.6180339. DNA in the cell appears as a double-stranded helix referred to as B-DNA.This form of DNA has a two groove in its spirals, with a ratio of phi in the proportion of the major groove to the minor groove, or roughly 21 angstroms to 13 angstroms. ,,, a cross-sectional view from the top of the DNA double helix forms a decagon: A decagon is in essence two pentagons, with one rotated by 36 degrees from the other, so each spiral of the double helix must trace out the shape of a pentagon. The ratio of the diagonal of a pentagon to its side is Phi to 1. So, no matter which way you look at it, even in its smallest element, DNA, and life, is constructed using phi and the golden section! http://www.goldennumber.net/dna/ Number theory and the unity of science – 2014 Excerpt: We suggest that there is a strong case that this so-called ‘Golden Ratio’ (1.61803…) can be related not only to aspects of mathematics but also to physics, chemistry, biology and the topology of space-time.1 A convincing case for assuming a cosmic character of the Golden Ratio can be made based on the ubiquity of logarithmic spirals. Spectacular examples include the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51), ammonites, the shape of Nautilus shells, Hurricane Katrina and the distribution of planets, moons, asteroids and rings in the solar system (Figure 1). The logarithmic spiral is firmly related to the Fibonacci series and the Golden Ratio of number theory. A familiar aspect of Fibonacci spirals is the way they feature in botanical phyllotaxis, the shape of kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros) horns and the curvature of elephant tusks. Less well known is the way in which the crystallographic structure of DNA, stress patterns in nanomaterials, the stability of atomic nuclides and the periodicity of atomic matter depend on the Golden Ratio.1 file:///home/philip/Downloads/4033-Main%20document-17047-1-10-20180108.pdf Do We Live in a “Golden Ratio” Universe? – December 2, 2014 *The curl of an elephant tusk *The shape of a kudu’s horn *Hurricane spirals *The distribution of planets in the solar system *A biological species constant, T *The spiral structure of the cochlea ear-bone in a fossil hominin *The logarithmic spirals of galaxies *The structure of DNA *The growth of many plants (phyllotaxis) *The Periodic Table of the Elements *Spiral shells of certain mollusks, like snails *Spiral shells of living and extinct ammonites *Stress patterns in nanomaterials *The stability of atomic nuclides *The topology of space-time http://www.evolutionnews.org/2014/12/do_we_live_in_a091611.html
Beautiful, but really needs more context or subtitles or something. People who are already familiar with Fibonacci and Golden Mean will know what's going on, but unfamiliar people won't gain much. If they're inspired by the video, they won't know where to look for deeper information. polistra

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