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A Walk Through Nature: Expanding ID’s Global Influence

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2010 sees the beginning of a new series in Spanish exploring key findings from contemporary science that support the intelligent design inference. The series Passeos Por La Naturaleza (A Walk Through Nature) aims to further strengthen the global influence that the Intelligent Design movement already enjoys and raise awareness of important academic resources that are today challenging orthodox Darwinism and revitalizing the call for a fresh perspective on scientific discourse.

First installment can be found at:

Paseos Por La Naturaleza

Evolucion de la comunicacion en las ballenas? Los darwinistas deberian estar preocupados, by Robert Deyes and Carolina Deyes (transl: Whale Evolution? Darwinist ‘Trawlers’ Have Every Reason To Be Concerned)

"Wow, how was that created?" "Science may never know." Lenoxus
Has anyone else been watching the series Planet Earth Extremes? Loads of, "wow, how did that evolve" material. Mung

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