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Academics may despise ID . . . but they sure are buying our books

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Here’s a note from a Cambridge University Press editor to Michael Ruse regarding our co-edited anthology DEBATING DESIGN: FROM DARWIN TO DNA. Note that HB = hardback, PB = paperback.

From: SNIP [mailto:SNIP@cambridge.org]
Sent: Monday, August 14, 2006 3:12 PM
To: Michael Ruse
Subject: Re: darwinism and its discontents

I’m watching sales of “Debating Design.” It continues to sell well in HB.
As soon as sales fall off, we will go into PB. SNIP

Speaking of royalties, and support, what about all the friends of Bill consider contributing to his organization, ISCID? Yeah, right, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett will be writing a billion dollar check soon, but I think every little bit helps. Here's the site, and Network for Good is a decent way to make a contribution too: http://www.iscid.org/ http://www.networkforgood.org/ P. Phillips
I'm not at all surprised Debating Design is doing well. Intelligent design a very hot topic across the board, both within the academy and outside of it. Here's a review which indicates some reasons why: http://ndpr.nd.edu/review.cfm?id=2061 Carlos
Have you scheduled any talk (radio) show interviews? russ

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