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In a comment to a prior post “daveS” writes:

AFAIK, 2 + 2 = 4 could very well be a self-evident truth.

I assume “AFAIK” means “as far as I know.”

If that is the case, daveS should know that it is in the nature of self-evident truth that putting the qualifiers “AFAIK” and “could very well be” in front of the self-evident truth in question MYLLAI.

“MYLLAI” for those who don’t know, means “makes you look like an idiot.”

2 Replies to “AFAIK? That MYLLAI.

  1. 1
    daveS says:

    *tips hat*

    See my reply in the other thread.

  2. 2
    Barry Arrington says:

    Points to dave for having a sense of humor.

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