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AI is not the artist’s new “robot overlord”

Spencer Imbrock/Unsplash

Software engineer and musician Brendan Dixon thinks AI is the perfect tool for creating social noise:

If you believe all you read, AI is once again nipping at the heels of our humanity, this time by “creating” music all on its own (lyrics included). Soon we must submit to our “robot overlords.”

Or not.

The achievement celebrated at Digital Music News is, as so often, less than heralded and does not portend AI overtaking humanity. It mainly shows that few engineers understand art and even fewer artists understand engineering. Both look at (or listen to) the “work” and see more than is present. And both are wrong…

Creating art begins by fully absorbing what makes art good and then extrapolating outward. AI selectively absorbs and “creates” by remixing what’s left. Thus AI is the perfect kitsch creator. Brendan Dixon, “AI creates kitsch, not art” at Mind Matters

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Also at Mind Matters:

Adam Nieri: Love, Death, & Robots is a rather ambiguous title. Perhaps a more descriptive title would be Blood, Butts, and Some Sci-Fi Thrown In.
Despite the trash and ruined expectations, several shorts were enjoyable and downright fun to watch.


AI and the Seductive Optics of the Frankenstein Complex Robert J. Marks writes: The fact that some AI makes you feel creepy is a part of its success. Anything not human that looks like a human or is otherwise close to displaying human characteristics is scary.


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