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“Thinking” computers? Some logical problems with the idea


If an algorithm that reproduces human behavior requires more storage space than exists in the universe, it is a practical impossibility that also demonstrates the logical impossibility of artificial intelligence, Eric Holloway argues. He engaged in a three-part debate on the subject. Here’s the first part:

The most basic sort of algorithm that can mimic human action is one that reproduces a recording of human behavior. So, one example of algorithmic intelligence the following print statement:

print: “So, one example of algorithmic intelligence the following print statement.”

And the program prints the sentence.

So there you have it, an intelligent computer program!

Admittedly, this is a silly example but it makes the point that intelligence is more than just functionalism. … A program that is intelligent must do more than reproduce human behavior.Eric Holloway, “The Flawed Logic behind “Thinking” Computers, Part I” at Mind Matters

Note: A really accurate reproducer of human behaviour is a full-length mirror. How many people have claimed that the mirror is intelligent?

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