One Reply to “Alt-Right? Fake News? Down The Rabbit Hole

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    News says:

    wjm, yes, but I am unclear why you are so surprised, let alone upset.

    I wrote about this recently, as a normal historical phenomenon:

    The alt right, popular media, and Darwin: But then the fad developed in recent weeks for implying that just about any American who might have voted for Donald Trump was “alt right.” The fad caught on because the term sounds sinister enough to scare people. But most of the people who might be affected do not know what it stands for: explicitly Darwinian racism. For example. If you are any kind of a creationist, you cannot be alt right.

    Put simply, the global elite believes that there are too many humans, humans are not special, and are not capable of rational decisions. And we evolved to need coercion.

    Remember, the globalist, in my experience, really believes all that.

    He is fully naturalist and he wants power to impose his vision. He is expert at marketing flapdoodle to gullible people miseducated in tax funded school systems.

    He is simply enraged by, for example, Brexit or the Trump win because, at heart, he does not believe people capable of making rational decisions in their own interests.

    He doesn’t think himself capable either, but power is fun. And it is all he has.

    Expect a blizzard of lies from the legacy media who can only survive now by playing up to him.

    Find out the facts, act on them, and prove him and all like him wrong.

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