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An article started out sounding like the usual Darwinsludge


For sheer flapdoodle about how humans don’t matter in the scheme of things, Bimbette Fluffarelli, forever hostess of Trite TV, couldn’t have burbled the stuff any better. — and then the author says something that implies that he actually thinks:

It’s taken a few centuries, but we’ve come back to the ancients’ view of the relationship between people and the cosmos. While we’ve rightly abandoned the majority of their beliefs, they were right about this much—to understand nature at its deepest, we have to acknowledge the special role people play. When predicting the motions of the planets, or explaining the origins and evolution of life, people are irrelevant. But it is people, and only people, who are the ultimate transformers of this vast and wondrous cosmos. May our descendants use this power to create an ever more beautiful reality.

Logan Chipkin, “People and the Cosmos: Constructor Theory” at Areo

Of course only people care about things like the cosmos or evolution or any ideas at all. But first things first.

He gets it that if earwigs replace people, no intellectual tradition will remain. We are still waiting for Bimbette to catch up.

See also: Dolphinese: The idea that animals think as we do dies hard. But first it can lead us down strange paths.

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If people are irrelevant and interchangeable in the quest to destroy the individual, why don't people prove this is true. If there is nothing unique about anyone, then let the Darwinists be replaced by people at random. Let random people write their papers and get the same results. It's funny how those who cry out about individuality, which is one of many things to make us unique as a species, will never admit they don't believe in their own preaching. They want to write the papers and get published under their names. They want the credit for what their minds have conceived, or stolen, and do not believe they are replaceable. BobRyan
"When predicting the motions of the planets, or explaining the origins and evolution of life, people are irrelevant." … except that it is people predicting and explaining. aarceng

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