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Another academic freedom meltdown in science, this time re GMOs

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David Zaruk/Riskmonger

From Alex Berezow at American Council on Science and Health:

Pro-GMO Professor Fired for Endorsing Glyphosate

David Zaruk is an expert in European Union regulations and risk communication. He writes a blog, titled The Risk-Monger, which largely examines regulatory issues involving biotechnology, such as GMOs and glyphosate. For nearly a decade, he also was an adjunct professor of communications at Université Saint-Louis in Brussels, Belgium.

As Dr. Zaruk writes in a lengthy blog post, he recently lost his job from the university. Why? According to Dr. Zaruk, it’s because he is avidly pro-biotechnology and another professor (at a different university!) didn’t like it. So, he pulled a few strings and got Dr. Zaruk fired. It should be noted that Olivier de Schutter, the professor responsible for getting Dr. Zaruk fired, is a militant anti-GMO, anti-glyphosate, anti-Monsanto ideologue. More.

Most harms to science today are coming from the science bureaucracy itself. Bureaucrats naturally favor policing in favor of a consensus; that’s what a bureaucrat is. A pioneer or productive scientist is a different type of person. Control of the former over the latter is not a healthy sign for the future.

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Fossil dragonfly named in Mike Behe’s honor has implications for ID: “ I immediately recognized that this specimen is not only remarkably well-preserved, but certainly represents an unknown species as well.” – Bechly (who is now working elsewhere)


Understanding the psychology of pure hate (Alex Berezow)

2 Replies to “Another academic freedom meltdown in science, this time re GMOs

  1. 1
    Allan Keith says:

    So far, we have only heard one side of this story. Is this a case of unreasonable censure or is it a case of disgruntled employee. At this point, we simply don’t know.

  2. 2
    ET says:

    Dr. Zaruk needs to man-up and go after the professor who had him fired. Start out with the legal wrangling and then get personal.

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