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Another attempt to blame Earth’s habitability on chance

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The article is open access:

Earth’s climate has remained continuously habitable throughout 3 or 4 billion years. This presents a puzzle (the ‘habitability problem’) because loss of habitability appears to have been more likely. Solar luminosity has increased by 30% over this time, which would, if not counteracted, have caused sterility. Furthermore, Earth’s climate is precariously balanced, potentially able to deteriorate to deep-frozen conditions within as little as 1 million years. Here I present results from a novel simulation in which thousands of planets were assigned randomly generated climate feedbacks. Each planetary set-up was tested to see if it remained habitable over a period of 3 billion years. The conventional view attributes Earth’s extended habitability solely to stabilising mechanisms. The simulation results shown here reveal instead that chance also plays a role in habitability outcomes. Earth’s long-lasting habitability was therefore most likely a contingent rather than an inevitable outcome.

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From one of News's favorite science commentators, Sabine Hossenfelder:
Was the universe made for us?
The answer seems to be "No". Seversky
just another example that illustrates how atheists believe in miracles. Other example would be the Darwin's theory of evolution... Atheists believe in miracles ... martin_r
High contingency has two possible explanations, and blind chance is severely undermined by finding ourselves in a fine tuned corner of possibility space. kairosfocus
They hang it on chance just as the probablistic resources are cut by more than half: https://www.foxnews.com/science/nasa-finds-fewer-galaxies-than-first-thought Barry Arrington
Peace & Joy. Earth, and the solar system that supports it, was VERY carefully HANDCRAFTED. Even our position in the galaxy was VERY carefully selected so that humans could look through gaps in the galactic clouds to see OTHER galaxies. I've juggled enough statistics to know that when you get down below 10%, ya gotta start looking for CAUSES instead of random chance. And humans traditionally call The Cause "God". mahuna

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