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Another bunch of reasons we haven’t found space aliens

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From Ross Pomeroy at Space.com:

10. Nobody is transmitting. Instead, everybody may be listening. That’s basically how it is here on Earth. Apart from a few paltry efforts to broadcast strong signals over a narrow frequency band towards the stars above, we’ve barely made our presence known in the universe. In fact, if aliens have radio telescopes similar to what we have on Earth, our television and radio broadcasts would only be detectable up to 0.3 light-years away. That distance doesn’t even transcend the farthest reaches of our solar system.

11. Earth is deliberately not being contacted. On Earth, we have policies about contacting indigenous peoples; it’s possible that the same thing could be happening with us. Just like in Star Trek, advanced alien societies may enforce rules that limit contact only to species that attain a lofty degree of technological or cultural evolution.More.

How about, the aliens are dead drunk at the bottom of the stairs? Look, it’s okay. We do not care. We honestly do not. We can sort of understand it. We would rather tey be dead drynk at the bottom of th stairs than not be out there.

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I think that the odds of detecting aliens is extremely slim. Not because the presence of aliens is necessarily slim, but because of the amount of energy required by aliens on even a moderately distant solar system to produce a radio single that we can detect. If they are not sending us a directed tightly beamed signal then the amount of radio transmissions that they produce incidentally must be many orders of magnitude greater than we currently produce. If they are directing a signal specifically to earth, the question must be asked, how did they detect that there was intelligent life here? kmidpuddle
Look, it’s okay. We do not care. We honestly do not. 
Really? I can kind of understand someone arguing against tax dollars being spent looking for aliens. After all, the odds of finding ETs is slim, even if they are out there, and there are more pressing matters. But to have no curiosity regarding the matter is pretty amazing to me. goodusername

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