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Another friend writes: Who DOES watch TV any more?


Further to: First, the blow-dried TV crowd don’t know anything about evolution, if you don’t count the Inherit the Wind productions they took in at school. All nonsense and falsehood.

All nonsense and falsehood, actually, about the neighbours the TV crowd sneered at and left behind, and felt themselves superior for doing so—while they invested their lives in their losing media industries. And distanced the people who would have cared about them.

Who really thinks Scott Walker’s opinions about “evolution” are good TV?  Isn’t it just TV’s own losers who care?

Anyway, friend says,


Tom Bethell: I watch the PBS NewsHour, but less and less. It was much better when Jim Lehrer was still on board. Today I feel confident it is strictly for oldsters — oldsters like me. I think the PBS people know that, too. A telltale sign is the old-timey stuff they put on to keep people watching during “Pledge Week,” (which is becoming Pledge Month, btw).

But remember, Tom, those seniors vote. They simply do not know what they are voting for and how it will affect their grandchildren.

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