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Design in nature: Everyone benefits except …

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… people who are hired to say the opposite.

Reader Douglas Ell writes, responding to the elite worry that recent ENCODE findings don’t support Darwinism to say,

ENCODE is only one of many recent scientific rejections of the Atheist argument from ignorance — the argument that, when we find something we don’t immediately understand, we should conclude the organism was not designed. Other examples include whale hips, the appendix, and the reverse-wired photoreceptors in our eyes. In each of these cases, but most strikingly in human DNA, as we learn more, we uncover evidence of design.

Sure. Except when we uncover some slender reasons to say the opposite.

Whale hips, the appendix, and photoreceptors. Three more reasons to doubt promissory materialism, that the progress of science will support the materialist point of view. Jim Smith

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