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Another sally against the Big Bang

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Should we try yawning in unison?

The Big Bang is widely accepted as being the beginning of everything we see around us, but other theories that are gathering support among scientists are suggesting otherwise…

But what if the Big Bang wasn’t actually the start of it all?

Perhaps the Big Bang was more of a “Big Bounce”, a turning point in an ongoing cycle of contraction and expansion. Or, it could be more like a point of reflection, with a mirror image of our universe expanding out the “other side”, where antimatter replaces matter, and time itself flows backwards. (There might even be a “mirror you” pondering what life looks like on this side.)

Perhaps the Big Bang was more of a “Big Bounce”, a turning point in an ongoing cycle of contraction and expansion

Or, the Big Bang might be a transition point in a universe that has always been – and always will be – expanding. All of these theories sit outside mainstream cosmology, but all are supported by influential scientists.

The growing number of these competing theories suggests that it might now be time to let go of the idea that the Big Bang marked the beginning of space and time. And, indeed, that it may even have an end.

Patchen Barss, “What if the Universe has no end?” at BBC News

Don’t tell us, let us guess. To judge from the persons quoted contra the Big Bang, the big bitch is that it doesn’t support one or another aspect of multiverse cosmology.

Look at it like this: If the multiverse prevails instead, science can be opened up to a vast variety of viewpoints and interests. Because facts really won’t matter any more.

See also: The Big Bang: Put simply, the facts are wrong.


The multiverse is science’s assisted suicide

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If we can't bask in even a patina of the charisma of science, we won't let anyone else! So there ! Axel
None of those ideas seem to affect the fact that OOL remains a mystery, regardless of how one could explain the fine tuning of physic parameters in this universe and on this planet. None of those pseudoscientific ideas seem to answer the important questions about the origin of the simplest cell, or the origin of the eukaryotic cell, or the vertebrates, the human brain. None of those fictional stories seem to resolve the hard problem of consciousness. However, they seem to provide potential topics for science fiction bestsellers. And that’s $$$ in some people’s eyes. Please, let’s remain serious. Biology raises an increasing number of highly important and interesting questions that many of us would like understand. Let’s stay focused on what really matters. OLV
What is today real science and what is crack-pottery? Which of the tens of thousands of theories and weird stories we are forced to hear each day are worth the time of a sane person? Truthfreedom

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