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Anyone remember this guy at conferences? Maybe he remembers you …


James Madison U math prof Jason Rosenhouse has a new book in the works,Among the Creationists: Dispatches from the Anti-Evolutionist Frontline (Oxford, March 2012):

The book is partly a memoir of my experiences at various creationist conferences, partly an exploration of creationist thought and argumentation, and partly a broader discussion of issues related to science and religion.

No false modesty here:

I’m pretty happy with how it came out, so hopefully readers will enjoy it.

None whatever.

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I was banned on this Jason Rosenhouse blog because I dared to question..well never mind! If a math Prof thinks they have a good understanding of biological origins and creationist criticisms of that and so on then being specialist doesn't matter. The only thing math can do in all this is about probabilities of bugs to buffalos. ID's Berlinsky surely contributes on this and settles the unlikely probability of evolution happening from a math view. Rosenhouse is jewish and i note how many of these activist evolutionists are. if they have so much to say about Christian motivation behind creationism(s0 then right back at them about ethnic or religious Jewish motivations against creationism(s)_. Good for the goose, good for the gander. Robert Byers
I don't see any false modesty. Obviously writing a book is a long and challenging undertaking (News should know), so why not be pleased if the result comes out well. Why does News have to sneer at everything? It really lowers the tone of this website and takes away from what's being said. woodford
Salvador and I met up with Jason at a conference a few years back. Seemed to be a pretty nice fellow. We chatted a while and had a good time. Unfortunately, he wouldn't take a picture with us because it might look like he was being too chummy with us. Oh well, it was fun. I should check out his book! johnnyb

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