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Apparently, according to some, the tragedy of eukaryote evolution is a difference between men and women

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No really, you need to read this to believe how crazy it is:

“John Zmirak at The Stream takes note of a recent book by UC Riverside gender studies professor Jane Ward, The Tragedy of Heterosexuality. Dr. Ward mourns “the gender binary — the concept that there are only two genders, men and women — and the stereotypes that binary has instilled in virtually every aspect of our lives, from housework to career to sex.”

As the online journal Insider summarizes, “Even joyous lexicons of straight culture have been shown to cause harm. “Just this year a gender-reveal party caused a California wildfire and firefighter death, and large weddings in Washington, Maine, and elsewhere led to coronavirus outbreaks and deaths. It’s true. Think of all the upset feelings, frustrated longings, misunderstandings, jealousy, and more entailed by the fact that male and female humans constitute separate genders. In fact, Zmirak reasons: Forget heterosexuality. The real problem is sexuality itself and sexual reproduction in particular. Every single problem currently haunting our culture would go away had the history of life not taken one really, really tragic step: the evolution of eukaryotic from prokaryotic life.”

David Klinghoffer, “The Tragedy of Eukaryote Evolution” at Evolution News and Science Today:

Okay. Admittedly, yer news writer is speaking from the perspective of a person about whom there has never been any question about which side of the divide she was on.

But question: Why is anyone taking this stuff seriously? Who really benefits?

Isn’t this just another episode in the same series as the war on math?

Polishes “ Before this nonsense, fantasies were allowed to come and go naturally with very little consequence.” Do you have any evidence that there was little consequence? I’m definitely not in favour of minors having surgery, but pretending that transgender doesn’t exist and ignoring it is just burying our heads in the sand. Steve Alten2
Young folks who have doubts about their identity are the WORST victims of this nonsense. They get surgery to establish one of their random youthful fantasies. After the surgery there's no going back, no chance to try other identities. Before this nonsense, fantasies were allowed to come and go naturally with very little consequence. polistra

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