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Ancient tuatara turns out to have two mitochondrial genomes

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We remember when genetics was simple and determinist:

Although the discovery of a second mitochondrial genome was only confirmed in a single specimen, its presence is still surprising. If scientists find double mitochondrial genomes are common in tuataras, they could use these multiple genomes to find out when each genome appeared and when it split from the other in time. The research could help zoologists understand what exactly makes the species so genetically different from all other reptiles.

Abigail Eisenstadt, “Intern Helps Find First Vertebrate With Two “Powerhouse” Genomes” at Smithsonian Magazine

We bet they will find stranger stuff yet in this “living dinosaur. “

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    polistra says:

    The story had to slip in “challenges to our planet” at the end. In other words, we need to improve our knowledge of genes so we can improve the effectiveness of eugenics. We all know who the “challenges” are.

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