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Are Gill Slits Really Powerful Evidence for Evolution?

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A few years ago I debated an evolutionist who claimed that the human embryo’s gill slits are powerful evidence for evolution. The idea is that as new species evolve, their embryonic development tends to build upon the embryonic development stages of the ancestral species. Imagine a 10-story building is constructed, and then years later a few more stories are added to the top of the building. The first 10 stories would remain unchanged. Similarly, nineteenth century evolutionists expected that the embryonic development of an organism would reflect its evolutionary history.  Read more

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    bornagain77 says:

    Very interesting article Dr. Hunter, It reminded me of Avian Respiration:

    Avian Respiration – video

    How do bird lungs work? – video

    beginning at the 2:15 mark of this following video Michael Denton talks of the Avian lung:

    No Beneficial Mutations – Not By Chance – Evolution: Theory In Crisis

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