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Asked at Space.com: Could gravity itself be the origin of dark matter?


In as proposed model, dark matter came first:

A new model of the very early universe proposes that the graviton, the quantum mechanical force carrier of gravity, flooded the cosmos with dark matter before normal matter even had a chance to get started.

The proposal could be a way to connect two of the biggest outstanding puzzles in modern cosmology: the nature of dark matter and the history of cosmic inflation.

Paul Sutter, “Is the origin of dark matter gravity itself?” at Space.com (April 10, 2022)

Commenting on an article at open-access ArXiv, Stony Brook astrophysicist Paul Sutter adds,

The physicists tuned their model to create the right amount of dark matter that observations of the cosmos demand. However, it’s still theoretical work. Most important, physicists aren’t exactly sure how gravity interacts with particles. This is the regime of quantum gravity, a theory of strong gravity at small scales, which is the current holy grail of modern physics. So, for their work, the co-authors of the paper had to make a lot of assumptions as to how gravity operated at these scales.

Still, the idea is interesting because it provides a way for the early universe to produce significant amounts of dark matter and for that dark matter to (essentially) never talk to normal matter ever again.

Paul Sutter, “Is the origin of dark matter gravity itself?” at Space.com (April 10, 2022)

Well, dark matter is bound to be fascinating:

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I once toyed with the idea of gravity being fundamentally repulsive: https://thopid.blogspot.com/2014/01/repulsive-gravity.html The concept actually works for simple things like apparent attraction and the inverse square law. It might even account for the accelerating expansion of the Universe. It doubtless falls apart on closer inspection however, and runs afoul of relativity, but it was a fun thing to think about. Fasteddious
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