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Astrophysicist: Climate change killed the ET civilizations

Alien tripod by Alvim Corréa, 1906 French edition of H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds”

Start 2019 off with vintage “why They never write, never phone” stuff. In this scenario, They are all dead due to climate change:

For Earth, intelligent life took roughly 4 billion years to evolve, says Kane. But he notes that there is a large range of stellar ages for the exoVenus host stars he and colleagues have discovered. And they lie mostly in the one to ten billion-year range. So, Kane thinks that many of these Venus-like planets will be more than 4 billion years old and could well have evolved intelligent life on them at some point. …

Would alien civilizations living on their own Venus-type planets be helpless in staving off this inevitable climate change? Or could they geo-engineer their way out of an eventual runaway greenhouse?

If so, Kane says it would need to be a coordinated planet-wide effort. Bruce Dorminey, “Galaxy May Be Littered With Dead Aliens Blindsided By Natural Climate Change” at Forbes

Funny he should mention “a coordinated planet-wide effort” just now…

Planetary astrophysicist Stephen Kane thinks the overheated Venusians would be better off to just find another planet than try to engineer less Venus. We can argue about it when we find the detritus of their civilizations, right?

See also: SETI finds more creative ways to keep looking. As long as there’s an Out There, They’ll always be Out There, of course.

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Extraterrestrial civilizations: When all else fails, try Bayesianism. The good news is, no one can ever prove They’re Not Out There.


How do we grapple with the idea that ET might not be out there?

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Would alien civilizations living on their own Venus-type planets be helpless in staving off this inevitable climate change?
Since we're just making stuff up, what if alien civilizations was all hot chicks? Andrew asauber
Venus started out as a hell-hole and NEVER had the potential to support Life. Venus was NOT overtaken by some atmospheric calamity. It lacks a large defensive moon. It lacks plate tectonics. It lacks an oversized iron core to generate van Allen Belts. In short, Venus is an example of a place HOSTILE to Life. So, yeah, keep looking for those Venuses so we can check off "another confirmed hellhole." vmahuna
This guy want's to be the Stephen King of sci-fi. Granted, imagination, is good for sci-fi and for science, but in strong science the probabilities have to add up to be competitive w/ alt hypotheses. In sci-fi it is book sales and box office that need to add up. So in this case short on the science and a q on the sales. hope he does not quit his day job. reference RCCF framework for understanding science and on the alt model that leaves others in the dust, including SCM-LCDM so this did not even make it to the start line, refererence 'SPIRAL cosmological redshift hypothesis' and model. Pearlman

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