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At Big Think: Big Bang cosmology is becoming “a confusing tale” but relax…

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A series of three scientific papers describing the expansion history of the Universe is telling a confusing tale, with predictions and measurements slightly disagreeing. (The papers can be accessed here: onetwothree.) While this disagreement isn’t considered a fatal disproof of modern cosmology, it could be a hint that our theories need to be revised…

While the new discrepancy in predictions and measurements of the clumpiness of the Universe are preliminary, it could be that both this measurement and the Hubble Tension imply that the Big Bang theory might need some tweaking. Mind you, the discrepancies do not rise to the level of scrapping the theory entirely; however, it is the nature of the scientific method to adjust theories to account for new observations. 

– Fermilab senior scientist Don Lincoln

Okay, but we didn’t think the theory was to be scrapped entirely. The fact that it is in trouble is news, even if no one wants to discuss it.

Incidentally, high science never liked the Big Bang because of its theistic implications. But if a void replaces an unpopular theory, high science won’t like that either. Stay tuned.

Here’s Lincoln’s take from three years ago now:

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    Pearlman says:

    That it requires tweaking is already a tell it’s not the actuality, add to that the massive Dark Energy and Dark Matter fudge factors and conclude they do not even know they do not know the vastly stronger science that is the SPIRAL cosmological redshift hypothesis and model.
    SPIRAL has more than ‘just’ a 5.67 quintillion: 1 parsimony advantage over the current consensus champion, SCM-LCDM, it should replace as the new standard in cosmology, after study, fair consideration & dissemination. SPIRAL attests to ID AND can even reconcile within YeC. See in volume II of the Pearlman YeC alignment of Torah testimony, science and ancient civ.

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