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At Closer to Truth: Is the universe fine-tuned for life and mind? Well-known scientists respond


If the universe had been ever so slightly different, human beings wouldn’t, couldn’t, exist. All explanations of this exquisite fine-tuning, obvious and not-so-obvious, have problems. Featuring interviews with Martin Rees, Leonard Susskind, Alexander Vilenkin, Russell Stannard, Stephen Wolfram, and Roger Penrose.

Reader John Calvert writes to say,

This is an interesting set of interviews of cosmologists as they uniformly agree that there is essentially no known evidence that supports chance and/or necessity as the best explanation for the fine tuning of the universe for life, thereby leaving the evidence based teleological alternative as the default winner.

Of the six or seven interviewed only one goes for a creator. All the others decline to consider it. So, what this video shows is the stark bias of methodological naturalism, which none of them admit. So the atheistic orthodoxy is actually quite concealed.

It seems to me that the guy asking the questions Robert Lawrence Kuhn, knows about MN, but even he does not reveal to the lay public its prohibition against any hypothesis that might support an inference to intelligence.

So, the issue is not really about science, its all about religion – a non-theistic kind of religion which infects objective science.

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The Interviewer for Closer To Truth, Robert Lawrence Kuhn was once a member of Herbert W. Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God. He worked with Stanley Rader at that organization in the financial department. Due to a power struggle which involved Garner Ted Armstrong, several people including Rader and Kuhn left the church. During his time at this church, Kuhn also wrote for its journal "The Plain Truth" arguing against a materialistic concept of mind. So Kuhn is well aware of Christianity and theology! Even though he does not mention this part of his life today, choosing instead to emphasize his Jewishness and neuroscience education. Curious because in a conversation with Rupert Sheldrake recently, Kuhn denies ever having had any religious experience. There are several Internet entries which show Kuhn's participation in the WWCoG several decades ago. bwam

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