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Sabine Hossenfelder on “quantum hype”

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She says, don’t fall for it, including claims for the quantum internet:

First, you cannot transfer information faster than the speed of light with the quantum internet or with any other quantum effect. That quantum mechanics respects the speed of light limit is super-basic knowledge that you’d think every science writer knows about. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You see this over and over again in the headlines, that the quantum internet can supposedly beat the speed of light limit. It cannot. That’s just wrong.

And no, this does not depend on your interpretation of quantum mechanics, it’s wrong either way you look at it. No, this is not what Einstein meant with “spooky action at a distance”. It’s really just wrong. Quantum mechanics does not allow you to send information faster than the speed of light.

This isn’t the major issue I have with the coverage of the quantum internet though, because that’s obviously wrong and really what do you expect from the Daily Mail. No, the major issue I have is that almost all of the of the articles mislead the audience about the relevance of the quantum internet.

It’s not explicitly lying, but it’s lying by omission.

Sabine Hossenfelder, “Don’t fall for quantum hype” at Back(Re)Action

Second, she goes after claims that quantum computers can break security protocols but are themselves safe from hacking.

And the vid:

See also: A theoretical physicist asks, was the universe made for us? She says no. But the question is more complicated than it appears at first. It is true that we have only one universe to go by but then each of us is a unique individual too. What if you had an experience no one else has had?

Dr. Hossenfelder is absolutely correct in her video. The extrapolations are hype and the speed of information transport is limited to c as far as anyone has been able to determine. Quantum entanglement is independent of distance, so there is some speculation concerning entangled particles, but so far Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity seems to hold. -Q Querius
"Quantum computers" are just hype. They can't do ordinary computing tasks. Along with blockchain and autonomous driving, quantum computers are scams. Yes, the device exists and it does SOMETHING, so the scam isn't a purely abstract fraud. Back when we had laws, frauds didn't have to be purely abstract. Perpetual motion machines exist and move, but they can't do what their promoters claim. polistra

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