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At Evolution News: Twilight of the Godless Universe


A mood captured by: Steve Meyer’s new book, The Return of the God Hypothesis:

There is something in the air — and it’s not wildfire smoke anymore. Stephen Meyer’s argument for what he calls the “God hypothesis” is very of the moment. Jordan Peterson tweeted that he is reading Meyer’s new book, Return of the God Hypothesis, and finds that, “Meyer makes the case very carefully. It’s not often that I encounter a book that contains so much that I did not know…” From Peterson, that is some praise.

Confused Scientists

Meanwhile in an essay in the New York Times, columnist Ross Douthat significantly, perhaps, uses the phrase from the title of the book (while not referencing the book itself). He notes some “confusion…among scientists”:

“Because their discipline advances by assuming that consistent laws rather than miracles explain most features of reality, they regard the process through which the universe gets explained and understood as perpetually diminishing the importance of the God hypothesis.

“But the God hypothesis is constantly vindicated by the comprehensibility of the universe, and the capacity of our reason to unlock its many secrets.”

Notwithstanding what some atheist scientists may say, “the God hypothesis is constantly vindicated” — and I am reading that in the New York Times of all places?

David Klinghoffer, “Meyer: “Twilight of the Godless Universe”” at Evolution News and Science Today (August 17, 2021)

They all must just want to kill Meyer for busting up a sweet faith-and-science racket. Whatever any establishment figure with a PhD in science wants to call science is science and obedient religion profs just bumble along, glad to be noticed.

Actually, with all the stuff we have discovered that does not confirm just what everyone thinks, it’s a pretty decrepit racket now.

You may also wish to read: Jordan Peterson’s reflections on Twitter on reading Steve Meyer’s Return of the God Hypothesis. Jordan, if you believe Meyer is right or even partways right or is making a good case, stand your ground. You have already faced some of the most incomprehensibly vicious mobs that Cancel Culture has spewed and you are still standing. Follow the evidence, not the crybullies. You, of all people, can afford to and it would do immense good.

Seversky, true in the West, but not elsewhere around the world. In China and Africa, Christianity is exploding. AnimatedDust
Jordan Peterson went to Michael Shermer and not Stephen Meyer to explain ID. https://twitter.com/mythinkspot/status/1428816636992176135 jerry
My 2009 book "Who made God? Searching for a theory of everything" was, I think, the first modern book to major on "the hypothesis of God". In fact I almost chose that as the title but was warned that most people this an hypothesis is just an idea that has no subtance (something I correct early in the book). If you have never heard of it do take a look at its Amazon page and click on the "look inside" button next to the cover picture (this gives access to contents and first couple of chapters; notice specially the introduction where I identify the theory of everything as "the hypothesis of God".) I write as a UK scientist with two physics doctorates. Edgar Andrews
Atheists are useful idiots helping the "lords" of the world in fighting Christianity but they don't know that atheists will be next in line because the main goal is to prepare world for Antichrist not for atheism. Lieutenant Commander Data
The non-believers don't have anything to account for our existence. So only ignorance leads one to be a non-believer. ET
This would seem to be in conflict with recent surveys which show an increase in non-belief and a decline in the membership of tradition faiths. Seversky
"Vindicated by the comprehensibility of the universe" Nope, that doesn't work. Most people don't need, and don't try, to comprehend the universe. It's not a necessary part of life, or even an inherent desire. It's a hobby that some people enjoy, like stamp collecting. "Capacity of our reason to unlock" is strictly false. Our reason leads us ASTRAY far more often than it leads us to understand the universe. Reason by itself gives us hoaxes and frauds and holocausts. Fauci is operating solely on reason, with zero connection to reality. His belief system is internally consistent. "People are unclean witches who need to be exterminated. Therefore I am exterminating the unclean witches." Perfectly rational and consistent. polistra

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