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At ID The Future: Debunked transitional fossils with Gunter Bechly

Gunter Bechly

The podcast is here.

On today’s ID the Future Casey Luskin hosts distinguished German paleontologist Gunter Bechly to discuss Bechly’s essay in the recent Harvest House anthology, The Comprehensive Guide to Science and Faith: Exploring the Ultimate Questions About Life and the Cosmos (2021).

Darwinian evolution predicts a gradually branching tree of living forms, with one form shading into another over long periods of evolution, with each transitional step almost too modest to notice. Does the fossil record suggest such a pattern? Quite the opposite, Bechly says. Instead the pattern of the fossil record is consistently one of sudden appearance, and evolutionists have yet to successfully construct a single robustly populated series of gradually transitioning fossils that move chronologically from one form to a distinctly different morphology. Darwinism would lead us to expect such transitional sequences all over the fossil record, and yet evolutionists, searching assiduously for more than 160 years, have yet to construct a single one of these. Bechly debunks the hype around some fossil sequences, such as that said to have been assembled from ape-like to human. He explains the difference between “transitional forms” as paleontologists generally use the term and the meaning of the term for evolutionists attempting to defend modern Darwinism. And he and Luskin also discuss fossil forgeries, how to tell real from fake fossils, and four explosions of morphological novelty in the history of life. [25:19 min]

Note: If you are following our updates on the “Trust the Science!” COVID Crazy, new stuff just went up.

Perception is a powerful thing. Darwinists perceive speciation to exist, therefor it must exist in their minds. Which is why they do not ask themselves questions about a complete lack of evidence. As long as they believe, it is fact to them. BobRyan

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