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At Mind Matters News: Confirmed: “Secret” tunnels connect our skulls and brains


The tunnels produce immune system cells and funnel them to the brain in case of inflammation or damage:

It seems that our brains are specially protected by “highly localized and specific” systems, not just general ones. The researchers hope that this knowledge could help fight autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis.

News, “Confirmed: “Secret” tunnels connect our skulls and brains” at Mind Matters News (March 18, 2022)

Takehome: Formerly, neuroscientists believed that materials to repair the brain would be ferried up from big leg bones but the brain gets special delivery close to home.

All this is WAY more complex than anyone previously imagined, let alone the temporary reductionist triumph of "protoplasm," which was "the science" of the 19th century, along with Darwinism. -Q Querius
The original article in 2018 noted that immune cells from the leg and the skull seemed to know where to go. Strokes were serviced only by skull neutrophils, while heart attacks were serviced by both skull and leg neutrophils. So there's more to the design than just minimal distance; the two service centers might have different assigned tasks. polistra
The question is, how blind unguided process knows that something is broken and needs a repair... How blind unguided process knows, that this it not the way it should be.... and, of course, another, perhaps more important question - how blind natural process knows HOW to repair it .... martin_r

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