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At Mind Matters News: Will humans ever be fully replaceable by AI?

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Particles and energy can be translated into each other. So, public policy analyst Stephen Berger asks, might man also be a type of duality, with a natural and a spiritual reality? (This is Part 2 of a series.)

God can make an image of God. Man can only make an image of man. Any machine made by man can at best reflect man, its creator. A machine cannot be in the image of God because it was not created by God. A machine will reflect its creator, man. As man’s senses only perceive the four dimensions, man can only create in the four dimensions. Man cannot create in other dimensions, particularly the spiritual dimension, because human senses cannot perceive those dimensions.

Further there is always replication loss. Man is an imperfect image of God, as we all regularly demonstrate. Some images are more degraded than others. Similarly, any image man creates of himself will be a less than perfect image of himself. Hence, man can never make AI that is in the image of God, He can only make a degraded image of himself.

Stephen Berger, “Will humans ever be fully replaceable by AI? Part 2” at Mind Matters News

Takehome: Our tentative conclusion is that there is an ontological barrier to man ever creating a machine that has a spiritual nature and surpasses him.

Here’s the first article in this series:

Will humans ever be fully replaceable by AI? Part 1 Stephen Berger: We must first determine, what is a person and what is the nature of the universe in which a person can exist? There appear to be more dimensions to our thinking than to our physical existence: Thought processes have been categorized into 6, 12, even 39 distinct types.

AI can't exist without a man to repair it.. AI is dumb as a rock without man .AI has no autonomy. Idealized image of AI replacing humans from hollyweird movies is a fairytale. Sandy
There is a WHOLE buncha stuff at which computer-assisted machines are MUCH better than humans. Only crazy people fly airplanes coast-to-coast using manual plots, and I believe the US Army already has a sniper rifle where the ONLY thing the Sniper does is highlight the target. The rifle calculates range and bullet drop and crosswind drift and stuff. And yeah, I guess the human DOES have to pull the trigger. I think there are certain foods that cannot be planted or picked by machine. But of course that can change any day now. And of course stock market traders generally just wait for "Buy" and "Sell" notices from the computers. mahuna

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