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At Nature: How gravitational waves might help explain fundamental cosmology. But do they exist?

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image of gravitational waves/Henze, NASA

Gravitational waves are thought to be ripples in the fabric of space-time, caused by violent processes.

From Davide Castelvecchi at Nature:

With a handful of discoveries already under their belts, gravitational-wave scientists have a long list of what they expect more data to bring, including insight into the origins of the Universe’s black holes; the extreme conditions inside neutron stars; a chronicle of how the Universe structured itself into galaxies; and the most-stringent tests yet of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Gravitational waves might even provide a window into what happened in the first few moments after the Big Bang. More.

The difficulty is, do gravitational waves exist or are they just today’s phlogiston – an idea that explained observations but did not represent the reality of chemistry? At least, if we are researching, we’ll find out.

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Strange that you question existence of Gravitational waves after 6 detection ! uncommon_avles

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