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About ravens, we told you. They caused a mysterious glitch in LIGO data

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common raven/Stephencdickson, CC

😉 From Emily Conover at Science News:

The source of a mysterious glitch in data from a gravitational wave detector has been unmasked: rap-tap-tapping ravens with a thirst for shaved ice. At the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, or LIGO, in the desert of Hanford, Wash., scientists noticed a signal that didn’t look like gravitational waves, physicist Beverly Berger said on April 16 at a meeting of the American Physical Society.More.

Does this have to do with ravens being remarkably intelligent birds? Her’s a thought:  Let’s see what they do now that the scientists have corrected their system for frost buildup. 😉

image of gravitational waves/Henze, NASA

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Furry, feathery, and finny animals speak their minds

Seems like they're not considering the opposite causation. What if gravity IS nothing but raven pecks? Makes more sense than the modern theories. Ravens all the way down. polistra

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