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About ravens, we told you. They caused a mysterious glitch in LIGO data

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common raven/Stephencdickson, CC

😉 From Emily Conover at Science News:

The source of a mysterious glitch in data from a gravitational wave detector has been unmasked: rap-tap-tapping ravens with a thirst for shaved ice. At the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, or LIGO, in the desert of Hanford, Wash., scientists noticed a signal that didn’t look like gravitational waves, physicist Beverly Berger said on April 16 at a meeting of the American Physical Society.More.

Does this have to do with ravens being remarkably intelligent birds? Her’s a thought:  Let’s see what they do now that the scientists have corrected their system for frost buildup. 😉

image of gravitational waves/Henze, NASA

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    polistra says:

    Seems like they’re not considering the opposite causation. What if gravity IS nothing but raven pecks? Makes more sense than the modern theories. Ravens all the way down.

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