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At New Scientist: We’ll soon find out for sure if aliens are out there


With a new generation of telescopes:

But for the first time in human history we are reaching the technological sophistication needed to provide a genuine answer. Powerful telescopes are letting us study planets in other solar systems, giving us a glimpse into their atmospheres and a flavour of what type of life might be living on their surfaces. At the same time, improved analysis of our own planet is allowing us to redefine what life might look like from afar, and is helping us to distinguish the signs of a flourishing alien civilisation from the mere geological rumblings of a lifeless world. With these tools at our disposal, answers are finally within our grasp.

Sarah Rugheimer, “Are there any aliens out there? We are close to knowing for sure ” at New Scientist

Of course, they’re out there and as long as there’s an Out There, they’ll always be out there.

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ET @ 2, >And what if they have already been here and still may be here? I would like to meet one, and have some way to convince myself that they are biologically distinct from us. EDTA
They could be hear among us with cloaked ships and camouflaged ground-based observation post and even personal cloaking devices. We'd never know it unless they suffered the occasional malfunction. Seversky
“They walk among us, but we call them Hungarians.” Leo Tsilard, colleague of Enrico Fermi and the rest of the Manhattan Project. Somerschool
And what if they have already been here and still may be here? ET
"Yessir, we are close to finding out. So keep that money flowing in our direction. You wouldn't want to go another generation to go by not knowing for sure, would you?? No sir! So keep that money a-comin'. Right this way please." EDTA

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