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At Psychology Today, people are talking about us … decently?

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Maybe they just decided to do some basic research. Sounds right. Anyway see, here.

” The second group, those who support Intelligent Design (ID), generally are not opposed to an ancient earth. Instead, they largely make two claims. First, IDers argue that Darwin’s theory of natural selection cannot account for all biological complexity and go to great lengths to argue that Darwin’s theory of natural selection has been oversold (see, for example, blogs here and here). The second claim they make is that there is evidence for an intelligent designer.”

All we know for sure is that  somebody is starting to get it right about what we are tryngto say.

2 Replies to “At Psychology Today, people are talking about us … decently?

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    Robert Byers says:

    They fear and oppose YEC creationism for its religious presumptions and high numbers of acceptance.
    They could live with iD as long as its not THOSE guys.
    yet they are so extreme that the point of God’s fingerprints being clearly in nature is still not welcomed.
    They can live with a creator concept and certainly in their board meetings might conclude its best not give a little.

    Remember the old abe Lincoln line about THEY give a little to avoid giving a lot.

    ID however is so well done they must roll with it.
    Don’t trust them though.

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    kairosfocus says:


    news, actually, the article is not as reasonable as the headline suggests, e.g,:

    An important point of difference I have with Santorum is that I think the controversy should be taught in social studies and political science classes, rather than biology. This is because the real controversy is in the domain of politics and the ideological direction of the country, not in biological science . . . .

    In its broadest, most generic sense, evolution means change, growth and development. Everyone agrees that there has been some changes across the across the (recent) generations. That bacteria become more resistant to antibiotics over time is not disputed by anyone. In the political debates about evolution, anti-evolutionists often refer to this as ‘micro-evolution’, to separate it from ‘macro-evolution’. The second meaning of the term evolution refers to decent with modification, which refers to the belief that all the life on earth emerged from a common ancestor. This is what anti-evolutionists sometimes refer to as ‘macro-evolution’ (or molecules-to-man evolution) and dispute that this has happened at all. The third meaning of the term evolution refers more directly to Darwin’s theory of natural selection . . .

    Dr Henriques needs to read UD’s weak argument correctives.

    GEM of TKI

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