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Australian lungfish has largest animal genome

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of any so far sequenced. And it’s considered a “living fossil” (after 300 million years):

Biologists say they have cracked the genetic code of the Australian lungfish, which has the largest known genome in the animal world, shedding more light on evolutionary history.

With more than 43 million DNA building blocks, it is almost 14 times as long as our own human genome, according to a study from laboratories in Konstanz, Wuerzburg, Hamburg and Vienna, which was published on Monday in the Nature journal.

Marco Krefting and Rachel More , “Researchers decode Aussie lungfish genome” at Australian Geographic

They can start breathing air, like a mammal.

The paper is open access.

Don’t we need some information theory to understand life?

It's tempting to speculate that "crossover" critters like this were able to crossover after a dose of HGT. Having a load of extra genes from viruses or plants or whatever would maximize the ability to take new forms. polistra
in regards to genome size, how many of you heard of C-number paradox ? (chromosome-number paradox) ? here is an interesting paper on this (Journal of Phylogenetics & Evolutionary Biology) "Genome Size and Chromosome Number Relationship Contradicts the Principle of Darwinian Evolution from Common Ancestor" https://www.hilarispublisher.com/open-access/genome-size-and-chromosome-number-relationship-contradicts-the-principle-of-darwinian-evolution-from-common-ancestor-2329-9002-1000179.pdf martin_r
With more than 43 million DNA building blocks, it is almost 14 times as long as our own human genome
Shouldn't that be 43 billion and not million? EvilSnack
Yes, we need an onion information theory. Seversky

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