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The comment edit function. We listen.

HT to our wonderful webmaster.

TF, yes. It seems there have been problems. My guess is, WP updates may have destabilised the site's performance. KF kairosfocus
Is the 'most viewed' feature gone? Truthfreedom
Where in our physical brain is the edit (logic) button? It has to be somewhere :) Truthfreedom
So now site accessibility seems to be back to normal and the edit function has been reduced to 20 minutes. Weird that these things could be related. Jim Thibodeau
Test Jim Thibodeau
Edit button? We don' need no steenkin' edit button! Only evolutionist, materialist, atheist progressive snowflakes use edit buttons. Real men sound illiterate. Covfefe!! Seversky
Awesome thank so much AaronS1978
Oh. Atheists are always complaining. How depressing. :) Truthfreedom
Unfortunately ever since the edit function has been re-introduced, page loading times have gone through the roof and I’m getting timing out messages all the time. Jim Thibodeau
Thank you. :) Maybe the webmaster randomly pushed on some buttons and the edit function re-appeared for no reason? Truthfreedom
Woooooooo! Thank you Barry and your webmaster. Is it straightforward to change the edit period? I thought 20 mins was about right - you could correct mistakes, but not have time to mess up a thread. EDIT TO ADD: And it works! Bob O'H
Now it just needs to be figured out why the recent comment section fails to update for hours and hours at a time. Thanks for the edit button, that helps. Jim Thibodeau

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