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Bats and Whales Share the Same Bio-Sonar Technology

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Once again science contradicts evolution. This time it is the now common-place finding that incredible similarities show up in otherwise distant species. Specifically, whales and bats share some uncanny similarities in how they track prey using, believe it or not, super-sophisticated sonar technology. But if evolution is true, we would have to believe that their common ancestor had none of these capabilities. This in completely different parts of the world, in completely different environments, random mutations in these different species must have independently constructed the same ultra complex designs. As a report this week explains:  Read more

material.infantacy Exactly and better put in words. In such a sea there is no need and unlikely that fantastic convergence takes place and a lot of that. It shouts design from a original design that includes ability for changes in biology. Robert Byers
Thanks Robert. Yeah I don't have sources, but I can remember the echos of many claims by Darwinists here, that it was inappropriate to constrain evolution to specific functional solutions, because it was capable of finding untold unique ways of solving problems within the vast sea of configuration space. Convergent evolution, intuitively, seems to go against this idea; and it bolsters the design claim that we see similarities as a result of functional or purposeful constraints, instead of necessarily because of common ancestry. material.infantacy
material.infantcy Yes it does profoundly. That such convergence occurs and so much everywhere means the unlikely situation of great limits or wals to options for evolution. Evolution needs mutations and time to select on them to do glorious creations man can't duplicate. To find very like biological conclusions after all this mutationism randomness is instinctly impossible. Odds against. Robert Byers
Does convergent evolution belie the notion that evolution can find myriad untold ways of solving a problem? material.infantacy
Amen. the equation works. A creator with a single program for ruling biology and change within it would have in the program like needs equals like parts with like functions. Unlikely if the glory of mutations was running things even if they cry about limited options can be evolved and all that. by the way this YEC creationist sees marine mammals and bats as only post flood adaptations from ground creatures. Bats are just flying rats. i don't the mechanism to change them but it is reasonable the same triggers in biology brought the same replys. Biological change is real but mechanism must be possible and quick. Robert Byers

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