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Baylor College of Medicine “rock star” neuroscientist David Eagleman knows evolutionary psychology is true.


Heck, it’s “science”, which is way better than being true, reasonable, or useful.

He tells us,

Recently, evolutionary psychologists have turned their sights on love and divorce. It didn’t take them long to notice that when people fall in love, there’s a period of up to three years during which the zeal and infatuation ride at a peak.

(Many parents of young adults, attempting to dissuade children from a predictably bad match, have noticed this.)

[ … ]

From this perspective, we are preprogrammed to lose interest in a sexual partner after the time required to raise a child has passed – which is, on average, about four years.

Incognito: The secret lives of the brain (Pantheon, 2011), pp. 98-99.

Four … years. Never mind what the author thinks. If he is into evolutionary psychology at all, he is a slam dunk for goofy ideas.

But did no one edit or proofread this work? Oh, well, it’s “science.”

File under: What to say to the neighbour woman who shows up at the door with toddling twins, wailing that her man has run off with some girl he met at the Fox & Fool: “Not to worry, his vasopressin levels are genetically low at this point. Society is far too judgmental about these things. Write to the Swedish government for help. They understand.”

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Why do men cheat on their wives? Evolution! Why are other monogamous? Evolution! Why are some men sexual preditors? Evolution! Why are some men celibate monks? Evolution! You see Barb, evolution is not only the reason for every human behavior, it is also the reason for the exact opposite behavior. Amazing. It is like a universal acid that eats through everything. /sarc Jehu
So all those people who stay married and faithful after 5, 10, 15, 25, even 50 years are....going against their evolutionary traits? Is that it? The more I read about evolution the stupider it becomes. Barb

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