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BBC: Why multiverse might exist (yet again)

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From the BBC:

Why there might be many more universes besides our own

The fundamental constants of the laws of physics seem bizarrely fine-tuned to the values needed for life to exist.

For example, if the strength of the electromagnetic force were just a little different, atoms would not be stable. Just a 4% change would prevent all nuclear fusion in stars, the process that makes the carbon atoms our bodies are largely made of.

This has made some people suspect the hand of God.

Yet an inflationary multiverse, in which all conceivable physical laws operate somewhere, offers an alternative explanation.More.

So there it is. Brits pay taxes for this, believing it is some kind of science. It isn’t. It is evidence-free malarkey posting as an argument against the existence of God.

The scandal isn’t that people front this stuff; it’s often entertaining. No, the scandal is that it ever came to be considered science and that anyone must treat it as if it were.

But people think voting for it proves they are clever, so …

Note: If there were a multiverse, it would never be possible to know because generally speaking, the same people believe that our brains are shaped for fitness, not for truth. Perhaps some day they will tumble to the idea that  government should just legislate belief in the multiverse, sparing the need for evidence.

The multiverse: Where everything turns out to be true, except philosophy and religion

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2 Replies to “BBC: Why multiverse might exist (yet again)

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    harry says:

    Multiverse is no more legitimate science than would be theorizing that there are invisible, completely undetectable aliens from another galaxy among us. Neither notion is scientific because neither has the potential for falsification. Multiverse is a ridiculous attempt to make the impossible — our Universe being mindlessly and accidentally fine-tuned for life — seem less unlikely by theorizing that there are countless other universes and one of them had to win the universe-tuning lottery — and ours was the winner.

    Multiverse is nothing more than a desperate attempt to salvage atheism from overwhelming evidence that it was virtually impossible for the Universe to have mindlessly accidentally configured itself such that life would be a possibility (nor can atheism survive its irrational assertion that that impossibility not only took place, but was followed by yet another: matter mindlessly and accidentally assembling itself into ultra-sophisticated, digital information-base nanotechnology the functional complexity of which is light years beyond anything modern science knows how to build from scratch, that is to say, life mindlessly and accidentally emerging on planet earth).

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