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Another Record Month for Uncommon Descent!

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Congratulations all on another record month in all the metrics! We continue to reach a larger and larger audience. Thanks to our tireless authors for all the great articles and a special thanks to our members for all the great commentary!

July was down because the blog was shut down for a few days but we got right back on track in August. September, although you can’t see it here, is shaping up to be yet another record month.

"withgraw" in this context has the same basic meaning as "withdraw" :) Alan Fox
In view of this, I withgraw my previous comment. Alan Fox
Congratulations. I suspect the more relaxed moderation policy has helped too. Alan Fox
John, We owe part of this increase to your returned participation and the discussion of your ideas. jerry
I love it so! John A. Davison
Thanks, Dave, for posting these progress reports. So much of this growth would have been impossible without your due diligence. And thanks to all the other contributors, both authors and commenters, for making this blog an invaluable resource for the ID community. William Dembski

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