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Be Afraid; Be Very Afraid


We have come to the point where leftists in power no longer feel the need to even pretend they are anything other than fascists.  See here.

Why are we surprised that their students are fascists when that is what the professors teach them to be?

(continued) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dianna_Ortiz And for what ? To preserve the utterly superfluous level of wealth of a sociopathic cabal and their US sponsors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXNkWYwHVX0 Axel
vmahuna, both are sinister, but while Communism possesses elements of both sophistication and idealism, fascism is simply the Old Adam or Cain, the monster of the Id, inchoate and essentially undifferentiated in its malice, lending itself to the will of the apex predators. Moreover, is arguable that in the countries of South America, of the two, Communism beats Fascism, hands down for benefiting the public good, atheist though it be. I think of Jesus' parable of the two brothers : one who said he would obey his father's will in some matter, but then didn't do so, and the other, vice versa. The mass-murders for which capitalism, notably, neo-liberal economics, American Exceptionalism, etc, world-wide, on a daily basis, are responsible, is curiously passed over in silence by those who are grievously exercised, outraged beyond all measure, by the thought of Communism. It is not random chance that is responsible for the immemorial nexus of the right with organised crime. One good thing Mussolini achieved was the ridding from Italy of organised crime. (It is possible, of course, that it was institutionalized in the government, itself - incorporated (not meaning, primarily, commercially). So, what was one of the first things the US did, when the Allies were in the ascendant ? Why spring Lucky Luciano from jail and put him in charge of Sicily, evidently to serve US interests ! In geopolitics, all countries are, at least potentially, psychopaths but, surely, few have been as brazen about it as the US. Yet America's puppet ruler in China, Chiang Kai Shek, himself an alumnus of organised crime, was so corrupt, even they couldn't help being disgusted by the insensate abyss of his corruption. Though that might have been at least partly due to his theft of the mountains of money they had given him to fight they goldurned Commies. I would contend that in South America, the Communists have a less demonic record, certainly in terms of the disgusting ingenuity of the tortures they employed. Axel
Why do you insist on calling them Fascists? They're just standard, normal, run of the mill COMMUNISTS. To accept the Left's dodge that anyone who wants to restrict personal freedom is a "Fascist" is to aid and abet more than 100 years of denying that Communists are the most blood thirsty opponents of human rights the planet has ever seen. Fascism is about NATIONAL Socialism. Lenin specifically threw Mussolini out of the Communist INTERNATIONAL when Mussolini abandoned the International Workers Front during WW1 and admitted that Italian Nationalism was more important to him than an entirely theoretical international brotherhood based on Class. So you can't have an INTER-national movement where Nationalists IN EACH COUNTRY (e.g., France) are encouraged to start a political party founded on socialism and nationalism. Communists, on the other hand, have ALWAYS been Internationalists, even when The Party Line was dictated by the Communist Party of Russia. And one of the fundamental points of Communist control is to insist that ANYONE who disagrees with a Communist position has no right to speak. Or write. Or read. Or listen. We're never going to get anywhere if people keep insisting that those shutting down debates are Fascists. vmahuna
Leftists are dangerous to freedom. Always have been. Millions may die, but leftists always lose in the end...happily marching to their inglorious deaths for some wild-eyed a/mat dictator promising utopia. History does indeed seem to repeat itself. Truth Will Set You Free
WOW just got through reading the transcript reminded me of “The Gulag”, Orwells “1984” and what the Communists refer to as “Re-education Camps”. I think it was Andrew Brietbart that said that “politics is always downstream from culture” I truly fear for the type of world my children and grandchildren will encounter 20 years down the road if something does not change. For that change to happen the younger generation will have to pick up that mantle and quit giving in to tyranny. Case in point. My daughter is Anglo married to a Mexican. My Mexican son in law wanted to dress up his children as a cowboy and Indian for Halloween. My daughter would not do so because she did not want to offend because she read something in a magazine that some would find it offensive so she asked for my advice. My short answer was “Do not give in to tyranny” I also pointed out that her children are half Mexican which makes them 25% (or is it 12%) indigineous ( yanqi). So there is no misappropriation of culture LOL. My sons advice to her was hilarious “Life’s complicated in 2017, 63 genders but playing make believe is off limits” My final suggestion was to dress them up as and old white man since that class is prohibited from being offended since it ranks at the bottom of the gender ranking , racial ranking, and of course everyone knows that we are all bigots, racists, homophobes, islamaphobes, xenophobes, ahh heck any phobe you can describe. Since we are the lowest in the protected class structure and deserve scorn so there would be no way that my grandchildren could commit any micro aggression, trigger anyone or invade someone’s safe space. Tyranny must be resisted in alll its forms because tyranny never stops and the boundaries expand until soft tyranny becomes hard tyranny. That was my final advice to my daughter. Unfortunately she caved even though I did also suggest they dress up as Pancho Villa. Vivid vividbleau
LoL! What is the antifa going to do now? I hear a big denial coming, of course- "No, that isn't being fascist. That is just telling someone what is right and wrong." Clearly telling the facts as they are is "wrong". The President is right on this one- the so-called "political correctness" needs to stop, NOW. ET
From the OP: "After class one day, MacDonald got into a conversation with some other grad students in which the topic of Islam came up, and he expressed, as he later put it, that “I was bothered that I could be killed in ten Muslim countries.” MacDonald is bisexual, and there are in fact Muslim countries in which homosexuality is punishable by death." As it happens, many political correctness rentseekers, including gay rights groups, have played into the problem by reasurring everyone after the Orlando massacre of gays by an Islamist that gays are not Islamophobic. It was almost as if a gay guy had bombed a mosque... Given that in the Big Political Correctness stakes, gays are now trailing, they would do well to insist on more formal condemnation of Middle Eastern Muslim attitudes re gays. That's assuming they even want to live: “Masculine” men who have sex with other men are a slightly different matter. Although state law and traditional Islamic law view the penetrator and penetrated in anal sex as equally culpable, popular opinions of the penetrator tend to be less hostile: he is still a man, doing what men naturally do, even if it’s not with a woman. The receptive (or passive) partner, on the other hand, is viewed with disgust. He is behaving like a woman and it’s assumed that he cannot be doing it for pleasure, so he must be a prostitute.” Possibly it is easier and safer to join the pack howl for laws against even discussing these problems (“Islamophobia”). News

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