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ID-friendly neurosurgeon Michael Egnor now has a blog

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Egnorance.  😉

Here he covers Philip Kitcher’s musings on the troubles with scientism, riffing,

Scientism is emerging as one of the greatest threats to humanity in the 21st century. It is a crass mistake– a logical mistake– but it has an appeal to a broad spectrum of disingenuous power-seekers, ideologues, and commonplace crooks. Scientism is the antithesis of democracy– it rationalizes rule by unaccountable elites– and it denies all reality but mere material reality, thereby eroding respect for natural law, which is the basis for human rights.

The scientistic hoaxes of the past century– eugenics, pesticide hysteria, population-explosion junk science, global cooling, global warming, the looming… acidification of the oceans!, along with the sputtering New Atheist ignorance that has infested our public discourse– are but a taste of the boot-print of scientism that we are yet to bear.


Rube, shouting: Who said we’d bear it? (After a scuffle and a trip to the police station, it turns out, Rube is not bearing it well. And not at all.)

No, no. Egnorant. Your spell checker has let you down. ;) News
I now remember where I saw that. It was at Jeffrey Shallit's blog. Here's the post where I first learned of "egnorance." Neil Rickert
He told someone at the time. I remember reading about his new blog in another blog. I just don't remember which one, though it was one of his critics. I'll give him credit for an excellent blog name. I believe he chose that, because he was being called "ignorant". Neil Rickert
He must have been too modest to tell us. We would not have egnored it. ;) News
He started that blog almost 1 year ago. I have been egnoring it, ever since. Neil Rickert
Cool....gonna add it to my bookmarks. Blue_Savannah

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