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Biting the Hand That Feeds You

After arguing Ad nauseam (examples here, here, here and here) that the evil and dysteleology in nature prove evolution and then denying that he ever did such a thing, evolutionist Jerry Coyne is now sharing more of his theological wisdom. After telling us what god would and wouldn’t do, he now adds that the best conclusion is for atheism or Aristotelianism:  Read more
#2 above The problem is that if you make no assumptions about what God is trying to do, or is capable of, then any state of affairs can be explained as God's work. Mark Frank
Ah... Another one of those anti-intellectuals that know how God should have done it better. /yawn above
Stuff like this should establish beyond doubt to any reasonable person that Darwinism is religion, not science. As an interesting contrast, ID makes no theological claims, i.e. attempts to describe the nature or motivations of God, whatsoever. tribune7

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