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British Darwinist wouldn’t attend ID theorist’s talk, and wouldn’t watch it on YouTube


Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design

Anyone recall molecular geneticist (alias “Grumpy Bob”) Robert Saunders, who reviewed ID theorist Stephen Meyer’s London lecture without actually attending the talk? The talk is now available on YouTube but he is not going to watch. He says he ploughed through the book (Signature in the Cell ).

If he really did plough through it, he is not a classic noviewer, it seems (= person who reviews materials he has made a point of not familiarizing himself with). So why advertise the fact that he is not attending to spinoffs? Oh well, here’s the vid:

Here’s a British Centre for Science Education (Darwin lobby) stalwart blogging on the lecture, who seems not to have been listening carefully. But then, why should he?

He sounds just like Stephen Dorkings! Jonas
Love the video. Thanks. mike1962
Most likely the latter. NCSE would view some of the stuff they are doing as a ruddy disaster - like openly wading into strictly religious controversies (historicity of the Koran, anyone?). Like we said: Sound of classroom doors slamming in yer face ... justifiably. News
"British Centre for Science Education"? Are these guys related to the NCSE, or just adopting a similar name? Eric Anderson

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