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ID-friendly peer-reviewed paper in Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

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Dichotomy in the definition of prescriptive information suggests both prescribed data and prescribed algorithms: biosemiotics applications in genomic systems

David J D’Onofrio, David L Abel and Donald E Johnson

Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling 2012, 9:8 doi:10.1186/1742-4682-9-8

Abstract: The fields of molecular biology and computer science have cooperated over recent years to create a synergy between the cybernetic and biosemiotic relationship found in cellular genomics to that of information and language found in computational systems.

Biological information frequently manifests its “meaning” through instruction or actual production of formal bio-function. Such information is called Prescriptive Information (PI).

PI programs organize and execute a prescribed set of choices. Closer examination of this term in cellular systems has led to a dichotomy in its definition suggesting both prescribed data and prescribed algorithms are constituents of PI.

This paper looks at this dichotomy as expressed in both the genetic code and in the central dogma of protein synthesis. An example of a genetic algorithm is modeled after the ribosome, and an examination of the protein synthesis process is used to differentiate PI data from PI algorithms.

Useful heads up on further progress of ID concepts in the literature, here the concepts of functional & specific info, through ideas linked to the term, prescriptive info. KF kairosfocus

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