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But didn’t Darwinists tell us that men kill other guys’ kids to have their own, thus spreading their selfish genes?


It turns out women do most of the killing of kids:

We know that all men are not monsters, and figures from the Australian Institute of Criminology show that more mothers kill their children than do their fathers. This sounds so counterfactual in today’s fevered anti-man climate that I shall quote from the author of the 2019 study, “Filicide in Australia, 2000-2012: A National Study”, Thea Brown. She summarises her research as follows: “mothers killed more children than fathers; stepfathers killed the next largest group; and parents or step-parents acting jointly the smallest group.”

In short, I repeat, the most likely group to kill children is mothers. The explanations for this in psychological literature vary from the real such as post-partum psychosis, to the outrageous gendered notion of “altruistic killing”.

But no killing is altruistic. After mothers the next biggest group of child killers are in police-talk the “unrelated resident male”, who unfortunately in recent Australian statistics is lumped in as “partner”. The least likely is the child’s father.

Angela Shanahan, “Feminist extremists have declared war on men. Don’t believe them.” at MercatorNet

Of course the Darwinian will grab “The least likely is the child’s father” to shout Aha! The Selfish Gene, you see!

Overlooked, because it is politically incorrect, is the fact that — most likely — the father of the child was not even on the scene.

In reality, if the selfish gene mattered much, Dad would have been on the scene. The situation is indistinguishable from people not caring enough to make a difference.

And what about magical oxytocin isn’t that supposed to stop the mother from killing her child that she’s instantly bonded to through the magic of chemistry Males aren’t supposed to have that I hope y’all can sense my sarcasm AaronS1978
And remember it’s a woman’s right to abort their children when they find it inconvenient and they don’t want it......... AaronS1978

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