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Summary of Some of Fauci’s Many Lies


Anthony Fauci is a liar. No reasonable person doubts that. Yet he remains an icon of progressives, who continue to hang on his every utterance. This is mystifying. Or it would be if we did not know that for progressives the “narrative” is for more important than the truth.

Here is a convenient summary of some of his most egregious whoppers.

A trove of thousands of emails released as the result of a Freedom of Information Act request show that, since the beginning of COVID-19, Anthony Fauci has been just as mendacious as some of his worst critics have alleged.

On Jan. 1, 2020, Fauci received a credible warning from a professor at the Scripps Research Institute, Kristian Anderson, that some of SARS-COV-2’s features “(potentially) look engineered” and that she and her colleagues “all find the genome inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory.” . . .

Besides his lies about the well-supported lab origin theory for COVID, Fauci misled the public about asymptomatic spread being a major driver of the outbreak, as a Feb. 4, 2020 email revealed. He lied about masks working, as “the virus is small enough to pass through the material,” according to a Feb. 5, 2020

He admitted outright he moved the goalposts on herd immunity based on what he thought the public was “ready to hear,” and he continues to lie about herd immunity being a necessity given that vaccine’s purported efficacy, much less a goal that must be achieved through mass administration of an experimental vaccine.

Que the materialist defenses of Facui’s mendacity.

Lying to Congress is a criminal offense, which Fauci did. According to an article in the NY Post, Fauci testified that about $600,000 was paid to the Wuhan lab to study the coronavirus, which included the gain of function he is so fond of. A polite way of saying bio-weapons research by adding to the virus things it does not naturally possess. It turns out that Fauci understated the amount by $1.1 million. https://nypost.com/2021/06/04/wuhan-lab-was-to-get-1-5m-in-federal-grant-money-for-bat-study-emails/ In regards to the effectiveness of the masks, thanks to the Fauci emails obtained through the FOIA request, in February of 2019, Fauci stated, "The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through material." https://www.newsweek.com/fauci-said-masks-not-really-effective-keeping-out-virus-email-reveals-1596703 BobRyan
Everything wrong today, according to those who hate Trump, is Trump's fault. During Obama, it was Bush. To get back to the subject of Fauci, he was the one person who stood in the way of people with HIV getting treatment that later proved effective. BobRyan
For those that don’t know what TDS means Trump derangement syndrome This is where a person unreasonably and Irrationally blames Trump for everything and anything, even when it didn’t happen TDS causes people to Inflict mortal bodily harm on themselves before allowing Trump to have one more tweet, even if it was the truth It causes people to make a giant deal out of anything he does, even when there wasn’t anything there to make a deal about And whatever it was, it was the worst thing that ever happened, anywhere, since ever! That’s why people with TDS are capable Of saying the incident at the capital was worse the 911 That was posted on MSNBC It’s also been compared to what happened in World War II with the Nazis TDS creates such a delusion that killing thousands of people by crashing planes into buildings is nowhere near as bad as trump supporters rushing the capital due to Perceived (And now possibly true) Dishonesty during the election that resulted in an over exaggerated 12 casualties, as that number changed multiple times from 1 to 12 depending on who reported it Yes 911 was a pale tragedy in comparison to what happened when Trump supporters rush the capital Thousands of people buried alive when two planes crashed into the twin towers Vs Trump supporters being justifiably angry at the stupidity of what was going on during the election Yes TDS is a very real thing and almost every liberal has it except for a few old school liberals that are still actual liberals and not totally insane AaronS1978
'Sev keeps saying there a Trumpican insurrection." Chronic TDS. Andrew asauber
Sev keeps saying there a Trumpican insurrection. Is there some Trumpican insurrection? I mean I really don’t see it, I see gas prices going up because of Joe Biden, I see inflation going up because of Joe Biden, I see multiple things economically happening because of Joe Biden, problems at the border because Joe Biden eradicated multiple mandates that have allowed things to go bonkers there What is this Trumpican insurrection Was it the rush at the capital building that will traumatized Dems for years to come sending tears down AOC’s face while she hid under her table in a totally separate building Now I remember a BLM insurrection that involved taking over entire part of a state for months, they called it Chaz or Chad for a long time and because they were inept idiots they weren’t able to maintained their occupation zones I mean those riots happen for almost a year and would’ve continue to happen if Trump made it into office again So please I would like to see some real examples of this massive insurrection that you’re so afraid of and I’ll just send you a bunch of videos of Democrats being violent monsters and winning I’ll also point to the obvious affects of democratic policy that is currently destroying our economy So I want proof of this insurrection if you don’t have it then either a correct your political nonsense or keep it to yourself please AaronS1978
Fauci’s emails show strong evidence for a criminal trial,
Well, that's a rather strong statement.
It’s easy to make claims, Like Trump being involved in an insurrection, provided you do not have to prove the legal basis for the claim.
Indeed. Bob O'H
Fauci's emails show strong evidence for a criminal trial, which will never happen. It's easy to make claims, Like Trump being involved in an insurrection, provided you do not have to prove the legal basis for the claim. Evidence, not statements, are what matters in court. Obama and Kerry, without consent of Congress, gave $1.6 billion to the terrorist state of Iran, who used much of that money to carry out terrorist actions around the world where people, including Americans, did die. The United States declared war on terror, not a single terrorist organization. By the very definition of treason in the United States, they should both be charged. It was Obama, not Trump, who declared Congress in research, which was an attempt to usurp Congress. Neither of the crimes where there is evidence, as well as others, has anything to do with Fauci's emails proving a great deal about what he knew and when he knew it. How many lives have been lost as a result of Fauci's actions? BobRyan
“Well, it’s one way of distracting attention from the Trumpican Insurrection” That’s for sure it was worse than the British burning the White House in 1812, worse than the civil war were 600,000 Americans died, worse than the bombing of Pearl Harbor and of course 9/11. I mean only two 100 story buildings collapsed and over 1500 lives lost And the death toll? My goodness 4 Trumpians died one shot and killed while being surrounded by law enforcement. That guy with the horns wow was he scary, and the Capitol Hill policeman that was bashed in the head by a fire extinguisher, oh wait that never happened. Anyway Reichstag Fire playbook anyone? Vivid vividbleau
Well, it's one way of distracting attention from the Trumpican Insurrection. I wonder if Fauci has grounds for a defamation suit. Seversky
All the major cultural institutions are in the hands of the left. There will be no reckoning unless it becomes advantageous for the left to do so. Vivid vividbleau
News, Yes, the time for debate about whether there was leak from the lab was OVER and Facebook censored anyone who had the temerity to suggest otherwise. Turns it the time for debate was not over. I wonder if FB will ever have a reckoning. I doubt it. Being a monopoly means never having to say you are sorry. Barry Arrington
Barry, the materialists have been smart enough to remain silent just now. They come back later, of course... Many are probably just taking in the fact that some people they trusted were not worthy of trust. In the past, their big slogan about a lot of things has been "The Time for Debate Is Over." It always is over if you just shut debate down, right? If you don't listen to those little pips of evidence, just to strings of degrees. Life has a way of howling itself into the discussion anyway, which is what happened. Of course, the lab leak theory was a reasonable idea that Top People didn't want discussed. Many science boffins have disgraced themselves trying to prevent a discussion we all need to have: Who should have access to weaponizable viruses? Same sort of question as, Who should have access to nuclear warheads? If you ask me, however, stupider people are discussing it today. We shall see. All I can say is, don't let the boffins just get away. News

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