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Can ANYTHING Happen in an Open System–Video


In my 2001 Mathematical Intelligencer article, in which I was allowed to reply to critics of my 2000 article, I wrote:

Mathematicians are trained to value simplicity. When we have a simple, clear proof of a theorem, and a long, complicated counterargument…we accept the simple proof, even before we find the errors in the complicated argument. That is why I prefer not to extend here the long-standing debate over the first point [about irreducible complexity, basically] but to dwell further on the much simpler and clearer second point of my article, which is that the increase in order observed on Earth violates the laws of probability and the second law of thermodynamics in a spectatular fashion.

Then I went on to outline the “simple, clear” argument, which is now presented in an (unpolished, I’m afraid) video.