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More on ID at Justin Brierley’s UNBELIEVABLE

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I did two phone debates at Justin Brierley’s UK radio-program UNBELIEVABLE. Below is an email describing both debates as well as some programs of related interest. The debate with Lewis Wolpert was previously noted here at UD. The other debate with former Christian Norm Hansen focused on God’s goodness and my book THE END OF CHRISTIANITY.


you may be interested in three recent shows of my radio show “Unbelievable?” that touch on the issue of Intelligent Design.
All the shows are available at the show archive at www.premier.org.uk/unbelievable though I include permanent direct links below
Also please note that in light of its UK release on DVD, I shall be hosting a Premier Radio screening of “Expelled” the ID film followed by a debate between invited guests on different sides of the argument.  You can book tickets to the Event, being held at one of London’s top scientific venues, Imperial College on Sat 27th Feb at 2.30pm.  Find more details and a booking form to attend at www.premier.org.uk/expelled
Do pass on this information to others in your contacts who would be interested in attending.
Recent shows:
On Sat 02 January 2010 ID theorist Bill Dembski debated complexity and design with atheist biologist Lewis Wolpert
On Sat 09 Jan Bill Dembski debated his latest book “The end of Christianity – finding a good God in an evil world” with former Christan Norman Hansen

On Sat 16 Jan Stephen C Meyer of the Discovery institute and Atheist scientist Peter Atkins debated the film “Expelled” and its ID claims
The shows are also avialble to download as MP3s at


or via Itunes at 

Thanks and all the best for 2010
Justin Brierley


Listen to my radio show “Unbelievable?” at