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Canadian Earth Scientists “extremely concerned” about creationism/ID

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I have been alerted by a reader to the fact that the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences has recently (September 19, 2008) warned:

Canadian media report growing public pressure to introduce Creationism and its equivalent Intelligent Design (ID) in school curricula, hinting that Creationism/ID is a ‘theory’, thus suggesting that it shares common ground with science-based theories. Such reporting ignores the fundamental difference between faith and measurable facts. CFES-FCST is extremely concerned about this trend, and not only because of the demonstrated importance of science to Canadian society.

They don’t say which Canadian media, where or when.

This much I know is true: Last year, I was pestered by several TV crews filming hit documentaries intended to show that intelligent design was a big THREAT in Canada.

I don’t even know if any of those docs ever got made. But I told them, last I heard, it is still legal for Canadians buy and read books about why the universe shows evidence of intelligent design and/or books that offer evidence against Darwinism and/or a variety of other establishment science topics. That is pretty much what is happening now.

And if it’s a crime, I are guilty, ossifer. I have on my shelves books that span the spectrum of support and dissent.

Speaking for myself, I have always been a strong advocate of teaching basic skills in education (4Rs = reading, writing, arithmetic and research skills) and of allowing students to ask questions – as long as the purpose is not to trap and

My view: These “rock stars” want attention. And sadly, rocks can’t love ya. Sure, they rock, but they can’t love ya.

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If current trends continue, the USA may become a politically correct mess like Canada someday. PannenbergOmega
The problem is that ID critics do not understand that their position is nothing but "happy accidents"- "happy" meaning they were kept and "accidents" because there wasn't any planning involved. And when that is pointed out to them they just bury their heads deeper into whatever shields them from that reality. So Denyse perhaps you could write a short article asking them "If not by intelligent design, then what?". And then add that their position must rely solely on atomic accidents, cosmic collisions and chance events. IOW push their buttons so that a response will be forthcoming. (The best that "they" can do regarding the laws that govern nature is "they just are the way they are"- Hawking in "A Briefer History of Time".) Joseph
O'Leary, "That situation is entirely different from what you will find in the United States." Sounds like us Canadians are trying to solve another one of America's problems, like we did with the gun registry. bFast
They’re just copying the American materialists verbatim ’cause they don’t know any better.
Ooooh. Them's fightin' words! If you want to make some Canadians really mad, you just say they're aping Americans. On a recent visit to my Canadian cousins, I made the observation that Canada and the U.S. are in some respects "like twins"---outwardly similar, but with distinct personalities. That went over poorly. Perhaps I should have offered that our countries are like twins---not like the Bobsies or the Olsons, but sort of like Cain and Abel---yeah that's it, our countries are like a murderer and a murder victim! ;) russ
What especially irritates me about such statements is that the authors show little or no awareness of what is happening in their own community. In Canada, for example, support or opposition to various evolution propositions is - so far as I can determine from the latest in depth poll I had access to - independent of political affiliation. That situation is entirely different from what you will find in the United States. The issue has not been politicised in Canada because no one would benefit from doing so. So the Earth scientists sound amusing and materialistically correct but hardly relevant. Is that how they WANT to sound? O'Leary
Of course it wasn't a blog, or linked to a blog were other people could have a say. It was an authoritarian, dogmatic statement of the status quo that has learned everything and will not listen to any dissenting voice, regardless of how ridiculously improbable the theory of evolution is, and the fact that it has never been proven. Peter
They're just copying the American materialists verbatim 'cause they don't know any better. Borne
Denyse and all, Check out this article on death and mind/brain: http://news.yahoo.com/s/time/20080923/hl_time/whathappenswhenwedie GilDodgen
"Creationism and its equivalent Intelligent Design" Lets not forget that now! Remember, ID is just a light wrapper on young earth creationism. There's nothing to see here folks, please move along. bFast

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