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Cancer researcher: DNA Code Takes My Breath Away

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At Evolution News:

There are only four letters in the “alphabet” of DNA. They are A, G, C, and T. Yet those four letters can be translated into the 22 amino acids that make up virtually all protein in all living things on planet Earth. Think very large: every single organism in every single environment, from the beginning of life some 4 to 5 billion years ago until today, has been encoded by just those four letters of the DNA alphabet.

That is right. Your life, every beat of your heart, and every breath you take, is based on a code. The Oxford mathematician John Lennox put it this way in his conversation with Stephen Meyer, Michael Behe, and Peter Robinson in a recent episode of Uncommon Knowledge: “The information required is linguistic, and linguistic language is not produced by random processes.” – Stephen J. Iacoboni (February 23, 2023)

But don’t complex codes come into existence without intelligence all the time? 😉 Like, the way War and Peace and Pride and Prejudice just sort of wrote themselves?

Yet many humans will do whatever is necessary to maintain the lie that information can come from dirt. Much evidence of that right here on this site. AnimatedDust

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