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Can’t sleep? The wild world of new media

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Silicon Valley immortality: The resurrection of the head
In general, legacy media explorations of culture today should be treated with considerable skepticism. Its mavens have a hard time imagining that traditional Christianity may thrive long after Terasem is a footnote in a learned dissertation on Silicon Valley culture.

Would the media be safer if government regulated Photoshopping?
If, for example, Jay Carney and Clare Shipman are comfortable with a Photoshopped library, impressive illusions are now socially accepted. Who then would be regulated?

Noble words with insidious new meanings
In practice, “accountability journalism” has often meant open instead of barely concealed partisanship. Increasingly, media refuse to cover both sides of an issue—say, climate change—or even to allow dissenting comments because they claim to already know who is right on the facts.

Among words that no longer earn their keep, “fundamentalism” heads the list
Religious freedom expert: You can call Osama bin Laden a fundamentalist; you can call [the] Amish fundamentalists, but where does that get you? Their goals and way of life are very, very different.

No, your Internet connection is NOT safe
The Internet is very convenient. You and I can find out what we want to know—and so can a whole bunch of other people. Here are three situations that give some idea of the scope:

– O’Leary for News

Enthralling speaker, DB. Not a 'stamp collector' type of academic, I think. There was something unnerving about the 'in your face' self-confidence of the youngster at the beginning of the Q and A time, but Berlinski's response... well.... perfect, wasn't it? Axel
OT: Socrates in the City - Dr. David Berlinski: The Devil's Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions - video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XIDykeZplU Video Loaded just last month - Eric Metaxas and Socrates in the City present an evening with Dr. David Berlinski at the Union League Club in New York City on June 12, 2012. bornagain77

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